Ordering and Pricing

Pet Portraits

Frame SizePencil Pastel / Oil
8 x 10$175$350
11 x 14$215$430
12 x 16$250$500
14 x 18$285$570
16 x 20$320$640
18 x 24$360$720
22 x 28$405$810
Each Additional Subject$125$200

People Portraits

Frame SizePencil Pastel / Oil
8 x 10$240
11 x 14$290$580
12 x 16$325$650
14 x 18$360$720
16 x 20$395$790
18 x 24$435$870
22 x 28$480$960
Each Additional Subject$200$350

Home Paintings

Frame Size Pencil Pastel / Oil
8 x 10$240
11 x 14$290$580
12 x 16$325$650
14 x 18$360$720
16 x 20$395$790
18 x 24$435$870
22 x 28 .$480$960

Car Paintings

Front View Full View
Frame SizePencilPastelOil PencilOil / Pastel
11 x 14$120$235$305|$155$395
12 x 16$135$260$340|$170$440
14 x 18$155$290$375|$195$480
16 x 20$180$340$440|$220$545
20 x 24$210$385$500|$250$605

Custom Framing

Frame SizePrice
8 x 10$80
11 x 14$95
12 x 16$100
14 x 18$125
16 x 20$135
18 x 24$150
22 x 28$175

Misc. Information:

  • Prices based on head/shoulders portrait
  • Prices for full body, etc. are quoted
  • Prices reflect frame size. Actual painting size will be a little smaller if using a mat for a pencil or a pastel painting
  • Prices subject to change
  • Custom sizes available


It’s easy. It all starts with a photograph. The better, more sharply focused photo I start with, the better the painting.

STEP ONE:  Mail / email me your photo.

I can use several different photos when creating the painting. I recommend a reprint if possible. I cannot be responsible for the condition of original photos. You can also email me your photo(s) at artworkbybarb@yahoo.com. Please reference “artwork” in the subject line.

If you do not have any suitable photos, I can take pictures for you if you live in the Chicagoland area. If it’s a person or pet, I’ll strive to capture their personality in the painting. The cost is nominal and you will be able to keep these photos.

Once I have a good photo to work from I’ll call you and go over a few things such as size, coloring, background colors, etc.

STEP TWO: Pick up the painting

I will call you when the painting is done and arrange for you to pick it up. I can also ship the artwork. Call for shipping costs @ 847.508.8492.

Painting commissions for pencil drawings and pastel paintings normally take between 2 to 5 weeks, and oil paintings take between 5 to 8 weeks, depending on my backlog. Order EARLY for holiday gifts.

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