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Taking a good photograph of your home is important. Here are a few pointers:

Time of day. Try and take pictures around mid-morning with the sun shining. You want to position yourself so the sun is a little above and behind you.

The view.  Shoot the house at a slight angle so you can see a little of the side of your house as well as the front. If possible, try and have the driveway and or garage the farthest from the viewer. For example: If you are facing your house and your garage and driveway are on the right, stand more toward the left of your home for the best view. Or... 

I can also photograph the home for you!

Arlington Heights, IL

Lake House

"Office Building in Barrington, IL"

"House in Libertyville, IL"

"House in Fall"

"Cabin in the woods"

"Lake Zurich Village Hall"

"Nittenau, Germany Village Hall"

The old Farmans Restaurant  Lake Zurich IL

The old Snack Bar in Round Lake, IL

The old Midnight Blue Lounge Grayslake, IL

Bill's Boats Lake Zurich, IL

Contact Barb Benstein @ (847)726-7604 or by email: artworkbybarb@yahoo.com