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When choosing photos for people portraits, I'm looking for the following:

  • Outside, natural lighting is the best when possible. A bright, yet overcast day works well.
  • Take close-up shots for a more detailed picture. I'm not looking for big smiles either.
  • Take pictures at different angles, not just straight on.
  • For mulitple subjects, I can use separate photos.
  • I'm not concerned about background as I can change that if needed.

Or, I can take the pictures for you if you're local. Call (847)726-7604 or email me at artworkbybarb@yahoo.com if you are interested.

The following examples were done in either graphite (pencil), pastel on sandpaper, or oil on canvas.

"Coral", Oil on canvas

"Ali", 20 x 30 Oil on canvas

                                              Available for purchase

"Cowboy Ron", Graphite

"Chloe", Pastel

"Sipo", Pastel

"Girl in white top" 6 x 10 Oil on canvas

                                              Available for purchase

"Mike", Pastel

"Chloe" , Pastel

"Mike in the woodshop", Pastel

For more info on Mike Benstein and his custom cabinetry & built-ins go to: www.comfortsquare.us

Sgt. Joshua Ritchie, Pastel

"Girl with butterfly", Pastel

"Coral", Graphite

"Best friends", Pastel

"Baby Boy", Pastel

"Eileen", Pastel

"Dress up", Pastel

"Lorraine", Pastel

'The Thinker", Pastel 

"Melissa in the hammock", Pastel

Contact Barb Benstein @ (847)726-7604 or by email: artworkbybarb@yahoo.com