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All images are copyrighted and can not be reproduced without permission from the artist

Tips for photographing dogs and cats:

  • Outside, natural lighting is the best when possible. A bright, yet overcast day works well.
  • Photograph your pet at their eye level. Get as close as you can for a detailed picture.
  • Take several shots at different angles.
  • The background doesn't matter as I can change that.
  • For mulitple subjects, I can use separate photos.

Or, I can take the pictures for you. Call (847)726-7604 or email me at artworkbybarb@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Pet Portraits can be in either graphite (pencil), pastel or oil. All of the examples below list what medium was used.

"Bay horse", Oil on canvas

                                               Available for purchase

"Linus"  Oil on canvas

"Ohhh, so cute!"  Pastel

Black cat with green eyes..."Sally"    Pastel

"Sir Legs" the Thoroughbred,  Pastel 

"Black lab with red ball", Pastel

                                            Available for purchase

"Sleeping Tabby Cat", pastel

                                                  Available for purchase

"Bailey", Oil on canvas

                                                      Available for purchase

"King Charles Cavalier", Pastel

"Jasmine", Oil on canvas

"Egret",  Oil on canvas

                                          Available for purchase

"Black lab", Pastel

Three Shar Pei's, Pastel

"Sarge", Pastel

"Weimeraner", Pastel

             Separate photos can be used for more than one subject

"First Place Trophy", Pastel

"Sugar" the Bichon, Pastel

"Country Grammer at a horse show"  Graphite

Chestnut gelding head study, Pastel

"Gaited show horse", Pastel

"Sam" the Rottweiller, Pastel

"Yellow Lab" Pastel

Appoloosa mare..."Misty Heather"  Pastel

"Vinci" the Thoroughbred, Pastel

"Beagle puppy", Pastel

"Andalusian mare", Pastel

Doggie Paddle, Pastel. Print available

Call to post, Pastel

"Woman and horse", Pastel

"Leopard Appoloosa", Pastel

"Horses in winter", Pastel

"On Alert", Graphite   

"Kittens in a suitcase", Pastel

"Calico cat", Pastel

"Horse and Rider", Oil

"Horse - full body", Pastel

"Sally" the Rottweiller, Pastel

"Ayla the Kelpie", Pastel

"River Crossing, Pastel

"Cocker Spaniel", Pastel

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Contact Barb Benstein @ (847)726-7604 or by email: artworkbybarb@yahoo.com